Swag leaking

Hi just enquiring about the swag I purchased in August , it leaks through the top stitching . I seasoned it 4 times before I used it , the first time I used it leaked heavily through the stitching , after that I used some wax on the stitch but it still leaks , I have noticed water also in a corner of the swag under the mattress , are you able to contact me regarding this problem , thank you
Robbie. 0419562825

Lee’s Reply:

Robbie this does sound very unusual, Rebecca will be in touch with you ASAP she handles the warranty component of our business.



swag colours

looking at buying 3 “Drifters Creek” swags, and getting them delivered to Naracoorte SA. You must get asked this all the time… can I get one in blue?

Becky’s Reply: Hi, The Kulkyne swags all come in blue, but the 3 drifters creek swags (Biker, single $only come in the green. & Double) only come in green.  Thanks.


Hi there we gave just taken delivery of a swag and when we went to pack it up and put it in the bag the clips to keep the swag rolled up won’t do up !! We tried for quite some time but they will not do up so ended up having to tie it up with string . Not what should happen with a new swag !! Very disappointed and hoping something can be done about it .
Christine & Daryl East

Becky’s Reply: Hi Christine and Daryl, i will give you a call today to organise a solution for you.  Sorry you have had issues with your new swag.  Thanks.

Queen swag

Hi what’s the difference in packed up size between your standard mattress and the pillow top also is the pillow top harder to pack up.

Becky’s Reply: Hi, the pillow top mattress is just a couple of inches round, it still rolls up well but does require a little more effort to squash down.  1 Person can do it, 2 people can do it easily.  Thanks.

Delivery Date

Hi I ordered a swag earlier in the year and wad wondering what the approx delivery date is. Thanking you

Lee’s Reply:

The swag you ordered was a pre-xmas delivery, this will be dispatched by Mid december.

Please give us a call on 1300164990 if you have any concerns.