Hi, This morning I received the swag I ordered last Friday. So far I’m happy with it except for the very soft mattress. A heavy duty foam would’ve been a lot better. Cheers, Phil.
Clint’s Reply: Hi Phil. Thanks for your feedback. It is important to us to know what our customers think. As at this moment, Kulkyne Kampers are designing a pillow top mattress for our swags. No actual date on it yet, keep an eye on our website. Cheers. Clint

Homestead Swag – Single

Im interested in your
Homestead Swag – Single
1:do you have reps in Perth WA?
2: R u coming to Perth 4WD and Adventure Show?
Thanks Tom
Clint’s Reply: Hi Tom. We do have a dealer in Bunbury. If you click on this link http://drifterscreek.com.au/¬†and scroll to the bottom, you will see a list of dealers. We have no plans to attend any shows in the near future. Cheers. Clint


Hi there, do you have this swag on display anywhere on the north side of Brisbane please? I’m particularly keen to look at the zips and canvas. Is the canvas that plastic backed crap they use on roof top tents or fully breathable like swags are supposed to be? Thanks, Owen.
Clint’s Reply: Hi Owen. We don’t have any on display up there. But to answer your questions, the zips are good quality and the canvas is the real deal. 13oz heavy duty. Cheers. Clint


Hello, we have been recommended to you by some friends of ours who have purchased one of your queen swags some time ago and are very happy with there buy. we are looking to buy two swags for our boys and have looked on your web site and can not afford to purchase . we are wondering if you have anything from last years stock or a sale coming up for Christmas .. thank you for your time .. kind regards Jayne wood
Clint’s Reply: Hi Jayne. We don’t have any leftover stock. Our items go very quickly. Our prices though are probably the best you will find for swags of this quality. Cheers. Clint


Could you please let me know how much you could do 2x homestead single swags for? Thanks
Clint’s Reply: Hi. As our swags are already heavily discounted, the price for two would be $998 plus shipping. Cheers. Clint

Homestead swag

Just wondering whether these swags are available yet? I would like one for my husbands 50th birthday on 1st November.
Val Mulcair
Clint’s Reply: Hi Val. Our next shipment for the single Homestead is due mid to late November. The twins will not be available until December. Cheers. Clint

the big boy swag

can you get poles separate as I bought one of the big boy swags off you last year for my son and he has lost the poles. .I will be buying a big boy swag for my other son this year for xmas.
Clint’s Reply: Hi there. We have both the centre poles and the end hoops for sale. Please feel free to call our store on 1300 164 990 and we can arrange this for you. Cheers.