Hi can you tell me if there is any difference between the Green King swags and the blue and grey King ones or is it just the colours

Rod’s Reply: Hi there,

The only difference is the colour.



Mattress options

Homestead swag – twin mattress upgrade =: what are our options, we will need a better mattress as we would use this on the frame and off the frame

Lee’s Reply:

At this stage there is no plans for a mattress upgrade for the homesteads but a queen deluxe mattress will fit into the twin homestead, The homesteads are not designed to work  without the frame as the swag has a canvas base not a PVC base like our other swags.




Homestead twin swag

Hi, I as just wondering if this swag can be used without the stretcher. I am looking at one for my partner & I. we will only sometimes want to use the stretcher base
could you suggest which option would be best
thank you
please feel free to call me tomorrow on 0434610447

Becky’s Reply: Hi, Yes the swag can be used without the stretcher.  The base is canvas though so if the ground is very wet (damp is fine) then i would suggest a ground sheet under the swag to prevent any moisture being drawn up.  Thanks.

Swag Warranty


Does your 2 year warranty include swag poles? We bought two sways in late July last year and a pole snapped this week camping.
If not, can you get the individual poles or can you only get them in sets?

Lee’s Reply:

Yes the warranty does include 1 x full set of poles, we only replace the poles that are broken from manufacturer fault. We do sell all the poles for our swags you can order them by calling 1300164990.


homestead swag

hi a number of us from our 4×4 club are looking to order a swag with a bed and have narrowed it down to yours or the jet tent. two questions have arisen firstly is that we are uk based and wanting to use them in the uk and europe. with the difference in the weather would the homestead swag be up to the job, and secondly is there any discount for bulk orders? with regards of shipping one of our members has a company in australia so all we would want is shipping to there and we would do the rest. have fun we love the look of the product and hope you can help. cheers Peter

Lee’s Reply:

The homestead can be used in any conditions as long as it is set up properly and yes we do offer discounting for Bulk deals, Please call me on 1300 164 990 or you can email me on l.hayes@kulkyne.com.




Can i buy the $99.00 bag to go on the rear tyre only. Also some time ago i purchased a double homestead swag which we love but have 4 rings with short bars attached, what are they for i see in the video they are not used there.

Lee’s Reply:

Yes you can purchase the bag for your rear tyre at $99.  The rings with the pins are for your hoop ends to go into not your locking rods(The video is incorrect sorry) if you put them in the locking rods there is no give for the poles to flex and they could break, If they are placed in the ring and pin the will flex when required and not break.



Tent Cot

Hi, I would like to know the largest Tent Cots you stock – number of people, weight capacity & cost please. Cheers

Lee’s Reply:

Please see the attached link this will give you a number of options and freight calculator.