Swag feet

Would the feet sink into the ground when heavy people are in the swag?
Clint’s Reply: Hi. I assume that you are referring to the Homestead Swag. In that case, generally, no. But of course, there are always variables – sand, for example. If on sand, you may want to consider some kind of base plate (maybe a couple of paint tin lids with a tarp?). Cheers.

Homested swag

Hi there
i have recently purchased a double homestead swag from the 4wd exspo and have released how shocking the instructions are as they do not tell you there is velcro under neath the swag to connect and the pictures are shocking and now as i have set up the frame for the first time it seems that the middle of the frame rocks and all 6 legs are not firm on the floor even when two people are in it
Rod’s Reply: Hi There,

I’m sorry that your not happy with the swag. If you could please email us some photos of theĀ base not setting right to sales@kulkyne.com.



Sale ends?

Hi there,
I’m very much interested in making an order on a few items but wondering when your sale finishes as I need to discuss with my mate what we will buy?
Clint’s Reply: Hi. Our prices are kept sharp all of the time. We do have some items (some of our Kulkyne Kampers Swags) that are on sale, but as far as when that sale ends, that is at the discretion of the managing director. Cheers. Clint


Do you ship to the United States? I live in Texas, and have a special needs son. It’s difficult to travel with him because of his sleeping habits, and I believe this swag might be the answer to our problem. Thanks!

Matts Reply: Hi there,no sorry we don’t do any international shipping. You can organise the freight yourself and purchase the swag though. Thanks