the big boy swag

can you get poles separate as I bought one of the big boy swags off you last year for my son and he has lost the poles. .I will be buying a big boy swag for my other son this year for xmas.
Clint’s Reply: Hi there. We have both the centre poles and the end hoops for sale. Please feel free to call our store on 1300 164 990 and we can arrange this for you. Cheers.

Aust post

Why is Aust post and all other delivery services not avalible for one of your swags to post code 6215???
Clint’s Reply: Hi. Not sure which swag you are looking for, but I can get the prices. Please feel free to give me a call on 1300 164 990 and I am happy to arrange all this for you. Cheers. Clint.

twin swag

I just wanting to know when in dec will swags be delivered if ordered now? thanx
Clint’s Reply: Hi Stacey. If ordered now, shipments should be received before Christmas. Please feel free to call our store 20 1300 164 990 to discuss. ┬áCheers. Clint.

Homestead swag

Can you please tell me if the chemicals in the material are approved by Australia as I’ve heard that some off the overseas swags have nasty chemicals that are making people sick.

Clint’s Reply: Hi there. All of our products are designed and constructed to Australian specs. Cheers.

homestead swag

Hi wondering how much to Ship a single homestead swag to Tasmania 7310

thanks Scott
Clint’s Reply: Hi Scott. The Homestead Single would cost $52.74 to ship to 7310 plus $9.98 for insurance. If you purchased the Homestead Combo (with the sleeping bag) it would cost $74.23 plus $13.18 insurance. Please bear in mind that these items are not due in until November. Cheers. Clint


Hi guys, just wondering if you could link my swag order to my Kulkyne account so I can see the progress of my order. Thanks
Clint’s Reply: Hi Mic. Can’t link it this way. You will however receive an email when your order is shipped and it will contain a tracking number. Cheers.


Hello Brett, does the king single swag have entry zips on both sides? We live in Brisbane and I was wondering whether you would be willing to put one up for me and check it over zips stiching etc. as we couldn’t return one easily.Am looking for a grandson’s christmas present. Southern Cross are brilliant but yours seems to tick the same boxes.Thanks Annette.
Clint’s Reply: Hi Annette. All of our swags have entry on both sides. We have also never had an issue regarding zips and stitching. Assuming you purchased the shipping insurance, if the swag somehow arrived in a state less than when it left our store, you would be fully covered. I recommend calling our store on 1300 164 990 and discussing in more detail. Cheers. Clint.

King Single Dome Swag

Hi Could you please advise how long it would take to ship to Perth suburbs (6163) or do you have retailers here (WA)
Clint’s Reply: Hi there. Ordered today, you should have it by Friday 17/10/2014. We do have agents in WA (scroll to the bottom of this page but they may not carry all of our items. Please feel free to give me a call on 1300 164 990 to discuss further. Cheers.