Gday we’re looking to buy the Kulkyne queen but the question i have is, does the mesh prohibit sand flys from getting in?
Clint’s Reply: Hi Robert. The mesh is sand fly and midgee proof. Cheers.


Hi there i am wondering can u buy the setup for the swag off the ground with the fly,, i brought the single on the ground but now my son wants to make it one off the ground if possible?? cheers kathy
Clint’s Reply: Hi Kathy. Our on the ground swags are totally independent from the Homestead swags. In other words, the on the ground swags will not attach to the frame of a Homestead. Any questions, please feel free to call our store on 1300 164 990.

Swag Waterproofing

Hi. I have just purchased a Kulkyne Big Boy swag. What process do I have to undertake to complete the waterproofing. I know with other brands you have to wet and dry etc before it will be considered waterproof

Lee’s Reply:

Adrian to season your swag it is best to set your swag up and pull your mattress out, wet your swag with a hose and let it dry you may find a little water may get through at first but the canvas will expand and seal of naturally.


Swag and bag

Hi, I am interested in the Kulkyne Big Boy Canvas Swag and matching Sleeping Bag; can you do a deal on booth please and what would the shipping be to 4178? the alternative to shipping would be can you deliver to Laverton Vic?
Clint’s Reply: Hi. I might have an option for you. Please feel free to call me at our store on 1300 164 990. Cheers. Clint

Kulkyne king single dome swag

Hi Brett,
have the cost of the king single dome swag gone up in price as I was sure the cost was $259 when I checked on the weekend.
I’m wanting to buy two for grandchildren on layby, I green and 1 blue.
Do you give seniors discount.

Clint’s Reply: Hi. Unfortunately, the swags have come off sale, and are back at $299 each. Sale prices do not apply to lay-by items. At this stage, we do not do seniors discount. Best regards.

Twin Swag

Have rec’d Swag via courier, thank you. Wasn’t home at the time but it was left as per instruction, however, base was in bag, the Swag is not in a bag which I understood should have been supplied? Please assist.

Matts Reply: Hi there,the carry bags are rolled up inside the swag.Thanks

Canvas Swag

Just wondering if i have to wet down the canvas before using?
Rod’s Reply: Yes we recommend that you set the swag up and remove the mattress. Then hose the swag down and wait for it to dry and repeat it until there is no leaks. Then put mattress back in a roll up ready for use.