Homestead twin combo

Does the floor in the swag stretch and sag after a period of use ? We are both around 100 kg

Matts Reply: Hi there, no I wouldn’t think so as its a heavy duty 130z canvas and the lock in bars keep it very taught all of the time. The twin homestead is rated to 250kg so there’s nothing to worry about in regards to that.Thanks

big boy swag

hello allcan you tel me how the end of theses swags is sealed off, not the flap that is peggged out on the illistrations. the actual end sections, thanks in advanced rick

Matts Reply: Hi there,there is a canvas zip up flap on the inside of the mesh at the head and toe of the swag. This seals up completely from the weather or allows high ventilation if needed.

bike swag

What quality are the swags do they have warranty

Matts Reply: Hi there, all of our swags are made to a high quality. The biker swag is a lighter 11.5oz rip-stop canvas as weight is always a issue when travelling with minimal room. The mesh is very fine to keep all the bugs out and it has a PVC base to stop any moisture being absorbed into the bottom of the swag.If you have any more questions feel free to call the office on 0350242200.Thanks

delivery times

I want to purchase a double swag… I need it before Christmas, if I order it this week or next week, will it arrive in time?

Clint’s Reply: Hi Damien. That should be no problem. If you like, please feel free to give me a call on 1300 164 990 and I can arrange this for you. Cheers. Clint


We are looking for a canvas swag, queen size, with an anex of sorts that can be used together. We are not keen on a tent with sleeping bags because the swags are so much warmer, do you have anything like a combination of queen size canvas swag with anex for living quarters. not going to purchase this side of xmass but if plans go ahead, in the new year.

regards jane.

Matts Reply: Hi Jane, we don’t have a swag with a joinable anex as such only our homestead swag which has a fly over the top. If you were to purchase two of those there’s nothing stopping you from going to an upholsterer and getting zips put on the leading edge of the flys to create a small common area.Thanks