Hi i have one of your swags but i have broken poles do you sell them?

Lee’s Reply:

Mark we do sell all the poles for both the Kulkyne and drifters creek swags, Please call the shop on 1300164990 to order your poles.



Hi there, I’m interested in your double and big boy swag and I was wondering if there was anywhere in Adelaide I could go and have a look at them?

Rod’s Reply: Hi there,

Sorry but we don’t have any stockist in Adelaide. We are currently out of stock of those swags, but we do have a bonus pre order. http://www.kulkyne.com/au/Big-Boy-Swag-DM.html




pillow top matress

We purchased a queen sized swag last year and have seen there is a pillow top mattress available can these be purchased separately….As we already have the ssigned


Rod’s Reply: Hi Peter,

Yes the mattress can be purchased by itself if you want to give me call to discuss the price.



home stead single swag

hi i live in Sydney i would like to look and size up the homestead single for ground height and internal room also set up time is there a place around mt druitt 2761 that has your products

Becky’s Reply: Hi, We currently do not have a dealer in your area.  Your closest dealer would be Goulburn Disposals and Camping in Goulburn.  Thanks.

Free standing swag

I am looking to buy 3 swags. I’d like to be able to occasionally set up the swags without using pegs, for when I use it on a rock or a verandah, for example. Have you got anything that can be set up free standing? If so, can you provide a list so I can compare what will suit my needs. Thanks in advance.

Becky’s Reply: Hi, We currently do a free standing Kulkyne swag that requires no pegs.  Depending what size you want here is a link:-  http://www.kulkyne.com/au/King-Single-Swag-BM.html?category=59243 . Thanks.


I preordered a swag that was to be delievered in September but you sent me an e-mail to say it won’t be delievered until October, and would just like to know when it would be here, Homestead Swag Twin.

Becky’s Reply: Hi, Your swag will be with you towards the end of October.  Any further questions dont hesitate to call us on 1300 164 990.  Thanks.

Homestead Single Swag Combo


I was looking at purchasing a Homestead Single Swag Combo. I notice they are back order until October. Can I pre-order a Homestead Single Swag Combo without making a full payment or can I put a deposit down?

Just the last time I pre-ordered something (Not from your company) the company closed and I lost my money. So I am now cautious putting the full amount down.

Thank you for your time

Becky’s Reply: Hi Col, We do need 100% deposit on pre order items.  If you did not wish to do this then your best option would be to call us in October when the Swags are in stock and order one then over the phone.  This is providing we have some left in stock. Thanks.

homestead swag

if you have the setup as per your display and it rains doesn’t the angle setup of the fly channel the rain into the middle of the fly

Becky’s Reply: Hi, the fly rods are in 3 segments, so to prevent the pooling happening you just have to remove one section of the rod from one side, this puts the fly on a 45 degree angle to the ground so all the water falls to one side.  Thanks.


I have a 10 yr old boy who will be doing camping/wilderness for the next 8yrs via school as well as personal use.

He will need a swag that is easy to set up, and he is also tall for his age so something with length
What would you recommend?

Rod’s Reply: Hi there,

I would go with a King Single or a Big boy swag.