Suitable for beach?

Like the Homestead Twin.With some awning pole sand plates would it be okay to use on a beach or does the ground need to be perfectly flat?

Matts Reply: Hi there, yes that would work fine. Either foot plates or a tarp would help the base in the sand.The base legs work on a pivot system so they are quite resilient to un-level ground.Thanks

homestead swag

how long do you think the base will last with the lock system will it wear through. just had a big boy swag and sold it and thinking about the home stead

Matts Reply: Hi there, our swags are made out of 13oz heavy duty canvas.I very much doubt they would ever wear through from use. The lock in system doesn’t allow for large movement therefore there shouldn’t be any rubbing through of the canvas.

Homestead swag

Hey, just purchased a homestead twin swag, we’ve it set up with minimal arguments :) can you confirm if they need be seasoned?

Matts Reply: Hi there, they come pre seasoned but as an precaution its a good idea to set them up outside and wet down the swag a couple of times to expand the stitching to its maximum potential.Thanks

Homestead swag

I have purchased a homestead swag of you guys and I have only used it twice and one of the poles has broken and one of the pins that the poles go onto has broken aswell, wondering who I speak to about this? I have pictures aswell, cheers

Matts Reply:HI there,thats no hassle at all.Just ph 0350242200 and ask for Andy. Hes our warranty manager and will assist you in receiving some new poles.Thanks

Homestead swag

Do the eye pegs on the base of the swag serve any purpose?
I have erected one of my swags and these appear to be redundant

Matts Reply: Hi there, we are actually using the pegs on the rings for the pole support now.The pins on the lock in bars are creating to much tension in some cases. Thanks


Gday guys,
After much research/comparing,other makes/brands,I’ve finally chosen the Bigboy,looks like a great item for a larger bloke.Problem is i’m heading away in a couple of days & would love to have it to take. How soon can I get it if I place an order immediately….Monday12th(am), delivered to Eltham3095, or do you distribute through a retailer? Is the quoted price the best price you can do? Look forward to your reply.

Matts Reply: Hi Steve, generally the ETA to that location would be 2-4 working days.Alternatively you could contact ‘Qikazz 4 x 4 and camping” from Pakenham or ‘Tackleworld’ at Laverton as they are dealers and may have one in stock for you to purchase.  Yes our online price is our sharpest price.Thanks

homestead swag

what size dose it pack down to and the weigth

Matts Reply: Hi there, depending what size your referring to but the swag rolls up to the width of it rolled out (single is 1000mm) and a approx diameter of 600mm. The base packed up is approx 1100mm long x 200 x 200.