Carry Bag

Hi, I just purchased and received a single combo swag package , there is a carry bag for the metal support base, but no carry bag for the swag and sleeping bag. Do I need to purchase a carry bag for these two items separately. If so what is the cost of the carry bag and can you order one for me and I will pay through paypal. Regards Bob RUNDLE

Matts Reply: Hi there, the sleeping bag should come in a bag?and the swag bag is normally wrapped up inside the swag.If you still cant locate them give our office a call to sort it out on 0350242200.Thanks

New Swag suggestions

Hello, I have just taken delivery of a Queen Blue swag and was wondering if you recommened any initial treatment for waterproofing the swag? Such as a good hose down and dry several times, etc?

Matts Reply: Hi there, they are pre-seasoned but its a safe idea to set the swag up and squirt it down to ensure the stitching and canvas has expanded to its maximum potential. Thanks


Hi do you sell the frame for the queen swag on it’s own ? /if so how much are they ? we have one of your a queen swag which we love and 3 single big boys for the kids they love them too !

Matts Reply: Hi there, sorry but our homestead swag model is the only one that works with the stretcher base.They have a rope stitched into the base which locks into the base.Thanks

homestead twin swag


Just wondering if u have a earlier shipment of the above swag coming in ? Im due to head away in late October and looking to get one prior to leaving. Could u let me know in advance


Matts Reply: Hi Tim, no sorry mate they aren’t available until November. They are all Pre -Sold.If your really keen I would suggest purchasing one now to secure one for the future.Thanks


I can’t seem to purchase the single red navy swag it won’t load is there a current problem with the site

Matts Reply:  Hi there, they are all sold out in that colour. You will have to pick from Blue/grey or green.Thanks


Hi Brett,
just wondering if the swag sale is still on this week and if so, how much for either a big boy dome swag, or a queen dome?

Matts Reply: Hi there, We do have a very limited supply of red/blue queen swags remaining. to secure one at the discounted price I would suggest ordering one over the phone on 0350242200.Thanks


When will the HSTSS – Homestead Swag – Twin be available please let me know

Matts Reply: Hi there, depending if the shipment doesn’t Pre -sell they are due for availability in September.Thanks

biker swag

whats the difference between the OZtrail biker swag, and the DriftervCreek biker swag.

Matts Reply: Hi there, besides the price difference, our swag is a bit smaller than the oztrail. Ours has a PVC base across the whole bottom though.Thanks