Swag special

Hi there, I’m looking at buying 3 dome swags for my teenage boys. Just wondering how long your 20% special is for? I’m not quite ready to buy yet as I’ve had a recent bad experience with buying another swag and want to be 100% sure these are the right swags…
I was also thinking the king single was plenty big enough but from reading the various forums out there everyone seems to get the big boy! Your thoughts?
Thanks so much

Matts Reply: Hi Kerri, the sale has been on for quite some time now so I would imagine it would be ending within the next fortnight. Unfortunately I don’t have an exact date as the company director sets the sales at his own discretion. The king single is a great swag and a convenient rolled up size. The Big boy is very spacious and well suited for people that are taller than 6’2 or claustrophobic. If packed up size isn’t an issue the pick of the bunch and our number one seller is the Big Boy swag. Thanks


I received an email about your 20% off swags. I want to buy three swags for my boys eventually, but thought I would start with one. I am looking at the king single dome. Is the 20% of $239.20 price, making it $223.36. Otherwise if it 20% of $399 that comes out at $319.20. Could you please clear up the final cost for me that would be fantastic. Cheers, Kerry

Becky’s Reply:- Hi Kerry, The price with the 20% off for the King Single Dome swag is $279.20.  Thanks.


Hi, What are the measurements & weight of the single swag when packed up. Will you be at the Brisbane camping show, Cheers John.

Matts Reply:Hi John, the single swag is 850mm packed up with a approx diameter of 500mm. No sorry we wont be at that show,thanks.


I am wanting to purchase a homestead single swag combo, what is the best deal you can do on it for me> Regards Brenden

Matts Reply: Hi Brenden, see this link for the combo deal price and all information: http://www.kulkyne.com/au/Homestead-Single-Swag-Combo.html

20% sale

Hi guys I am already a Kulkyne swag owner and it has come time for me to buy wifey and son their own swags….how long will this sale last as I am a little light on money for next couple weeks?

Matts Reply: Hi there, the sale will go until our stock levels begin to come low. This may be soon for some models and not for others. Unfortunately we don’t have control over the sales dates as its set by the company director. You “should be” safe for another 3-4 weeks.


Hi, I’m very interested in your queen dome swags, could you please advise if they are 100% Australian made and from Australian materials. Many thanks. Peta
Becky’s Reply: Hi, The swags are designed here in Australia and are made to strict specifications and are manufactured in China.


Queen Super Dome Swag

Hi, I’m very keen in this swag, but have a couple concerns. One is the bag, this swag will be living up on a roof rack and just wondering how it would go in heavy downpour travelling on a highway at 100k’s an hour? Would I be sleeping in a dry bed or would it have to be stored inside the car for these conditions?


Matts Reply: Hi there, the bags are highly water resistant but not 100% proof. If its secured properly the max speed of 110km wont affect the swag at all. The swag rolls up with the PVC tub floor to the outside of the swag therefore even in a heavy rain the moisture to reach the swag itself should be minimal. Thanks