I would like to order a Homestead Swag and Sleeping Bag combo but i need to no if it will be in by the end of May as i need it for a trip for the Queens birthday weekend. So is mid May guarantee ?
Justin’s Reply - From the 10th – 15th of May is when they will be here. But I cannot guarantee a delivery date.

Homestead swag- single

are you able to put a thicker mattress on this swag? thank you.

Brett’s Reply: Please remember mate that this mattress is on a stretcher so that it is extremely comfortable. There really is no need to go any thinker as I really don’t think it would improve the comfort and it would make the swag much harder to pack up to a good size.


Hi, I am planning a trip around Australia in an ultralight and would like to use one of your swags. Can you please tell me the weights of the different models, to help with my choice? Cheers Tim

Brett’s Reply: How tall are you mate, it might be a matter of getting the right swag for your height, to try and keep the weight down?

Kulkyne queen

Do the ends come over like storm flaps? Can you get in either side of swag or just one end. Sorry but I haven’t owned a swag before but yours looks really good. Anything else I should know. I guess the foam mattress is pretty good. Thanks Liz
Justin’s Reply - Yes it has storm flaps. Both ends and both side are the same. You can get in either side. The mattress is 65mm HD Foam. Feel free to give me a call on 1300 164 990 if you have any other question.

Swag Reviews

Guys I gotta give praise for your Kullkyne double swag,bloody great unit,my wife and I have used it approx 20 times now and have endured 2 big storms of full on rain one of these storms lasting three days and we even got hit by a hail storm that lasted about 1hr and our swag ( your swag ) stood up to it all with my wife and I warm,dry and cozy inside,thanks again guys,this is truly and by far the best swag we have had.

Brett’s Reply: Thanks Des, always love to hear feedback like this.
Kulkyne Swags