I brought a queen kulkyne swag and was wondering if the stretchers you have will fit this swag, or do I need to buy the homestead for the strecher. Thanks

Matts Reply: Hi there, yes your correct we don’t have a stretcher for the queen.The Homestead is the only swag we have that locks into a base securely.

raised bases

can I buy the raised base for my swag

Matts Reply: Hi there,no sorry the homestead swag base is only compatible with homestead swag. Depending on your swag size a standard stretcher may be suitable to help you get off the ground.See our range at this link: http://www.kulkyne.com/au/Camp-Stretchers/

Homestead Swag Twin

We are really interested in this swag, we are looking at upgrading the swag we have and want to buy a swag that will last us for many, many years. Before we buy we have a number of questions about this swag.

1. Will the bottom of the swag stretch out over time? and not be useable over time? My hubby is a very restless sleeper and ‘jumps’ around a lot in bed, will this damage the swag? How much will it stretch?

2. Can the fly be attached to the frame (with different ties) during windy and wet weather.

3. Can the frame be secured to the ground? and if so do you supply the pegs. We go to festivals, would hate it to disappear when we are away from it.

4. Is the spreader pole adjustable?

5. Does the middle pole prevent you from rolling over and is it uncomfortable to lean on it/stretch over it?

Thanks for your help

Lee’s Response

in answer to your questions the canvas will stretch but not enough to affect the swag itself they have been designed to allow for this, the fly can be secured to the frame no dramas and as for securing it to the ground I would recommend a screw in peg and lock and we do sell both and the middle pole we have not had any negative feed back in relation to the centre pole.




Homestead Swag

Just wondering if the homestead can be set up without the stretcher base?

Matts Reply: Hi, Yes it sure can. The Homestead is designed to be used for both purposes. We just recommend the use of a ground sheet underneath if not using the stretcher.Thanks