Queen Dome Swag – Blue/Grey

At the head and foot of the inside of this swag, is there a Zipp-able window to stop airflow flow-through ?
I currently have an old Southern Cross canvas single swag and would like to upgrade to the Queen. Does this also come with the footmats as shown with the green style/colour Queen size swag ?
With thanks,

Matts Reply: Hi there Ivan, yes there is vent at the head and toe of the swags.Yes they also have boot bags stitched to the swag. Thanks


Hi, I was thinking of getting a swag but can’t choose between the King single dome swag and the Homestead single I like the idea of being off the ground, How sturdy is the frame ? and if I don’t use the frame does the swag set up the same as the King single and does the home stead have a pvc base ?

Matts Reply: Hi there, they are really sturdy and secure on the base, the legs pivot to take up differences in ground height. Yes your exactly right it sets up the same as our normal range without the base. No the homestead dosent have a PVC base sorry.Thanks

big boy swag

I am shopping around for some swags would you be able to give me the best price for three big boy swags in blue including shipping i would expect to get a good price considering we are buying three.
Thanks callum

Matts Reply: Hi Callum, please ring our office for a specific quote as it depends where your located. Our big boy swags aren’t available until much later in the year. 0350242200


Trying to check out the Oztrail Lachlan swag do you stock it?

Matts Reply: Hi there,no we dont sorry only our own range.Check them out they are awesome quality and price.

Twin homestead swag

Hi can you tell me the head height for the double homestead. You queen swag has a height of 80 cm. Is the double homestead higher than that? I’m interested in being able to sit up in swag. Thank you

Matts Reply: Hi there, the homestead height is 700mm so a little bit less than the queen dome. Thanks


hi are all your swags sandfly / mozzie proof or they just mozzie as i live in the tropics and mozzie just don’ t cut it up here

Matts Reply: Hi there,yes they re sand fly and mozzie resistant.The mesh is very very fine.Thanks


Hey guys,do you guys have a swag that is just as easy to roll out and sleep in .cheers

Matts Reply: Hi there, our normal Kulkyne swags are very easy to put up,in less than 5minutes generally. But if your looking for something more basic than that no we don’t sorry.

swag legs

In the other picture yu have an elevated swag on legs. Do yu have any of these. Or fo thry come with the swag. Cheers mick 0417261860

Matts Reply: Hi Mick,the swag on a base is called the Homestead,we are out of stock of the singles until September and the twins until November.Thanks

Off ground swag

I am looking for the demo on the swag off ground it looks like a stretcher and swag as one the add tell you to watch set up but cannot find it please email me details thank you.
Yours Truly Kevin.

Matts Reply: Hi kevin, go to this link mate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV5yaj6eqU0

my king size swag

Do you sell a swag stretcher to suit my king size swag, If so price and availability.

Matts Reply: Hi there,no we don’t sorry. Our homestead swag is the only one that’s compatible with the stretcher base. You could possibly try using a King Goanna stretcher?Thanks