Kulkyne sleeping bag

wondering if it’s possible to make a Kulkyne sleeping bag to fit the Jet Tent Bunker XL?

Matts Reply: Hi there, we wont be making one to specifically fit the bunker but our single homestead swag sleeping bag is only a little bit bigger. Which is sometimes better to have extra to fill it out. It still has straps under the bottom of the corners to hook over the mattress corners.Thanks


G’day i have just receved a homestead single stretcher swag thank-you.i didn’t get any instructions on how to put together could you please supply instuctions. regards chris ham

Matts Reply: Hi Chris,there is a few videos on youtube or alternatively call our office on 0350242200 for a salesperson to help you.We will hopefully have some instructions released soon.Thanks


Hi like the web site, just wondering is the
Kulkyne King single swag, rip stop canvas, and a high density foam mattress?
And it says 10 KG delivery, does that mean, when You take the packaging of its only 8 or 9 kg, like the swag and need to replace a biker swag with something
more comfortable and it should fit
on my motorbike.
Thank You
look forward to Your assistance.

Matts Reply: Hi Neil, they are much heavy canvas than rip stop(13oz). Which is more durable and weather tollerant than ripstop but slightly heavier. Yes that correct that weight includes the box and packaging for freight. We do sell these swags regulary to motorbike enthusiasts. Thanks

tent beds

do you have an off the ground double enclosed tent bed portable that will not sink into the sandy ground.

Matts Reply: Hi there,yes we sure do its called the “Homestead Swag”.Check them out at the following link: http://www.kulkyne.com/au/Homestead-Swag-Twin.html     Thanks