Homestead single swag

What is the weight limit for the stretcher on the Homestead single swag? I’m a big bloke and I’d like something to get me off the ground but I don’t want something flimsy. Cheers.

Matts Reply: Hi there,our single homestead is rated to 150kg and the twin rated to 250kg.They are a very strong base with a top quality swag.Thanks

weight details on swags

what is the load bearing weight on the single swag and twin will it take the weight of a about 200kg all up will it tip if one person gets in and moves to one side to allow partner to get in
Also where about in Mildura are you as i will be returning from SA via Mildura in the new year and am keen to see the product i am interested in

Matts Reply: Hi there,if your referring to the homestead swags the single is rated to 150kg and the twin is rated to 250kg. We are 10min out of Mildura on the Calder Highway at Red Cliffs.Thank you


Hi. Is the Kulkyne King single dome swag made of ripstop canvas? If not, is there a reason they are made from plain canvas instead? Other manufacturers seem to promote ripstop canvases as the gold standard.

Matts Reply: Hi there, yes our Drifters Creek single swag is made out of rip-stop canvas. The Kulkyne swags are made out of 13oz canvas which is much more durable and weather tolerant compared to ripstop. Rip-stop is still a great product as it provides high strength but isn’t as heavy to transport around. Thanks


i would like a quote on 2 TWIN Homestead Swags & how long it would take to get to Karratha WA … thanks…i hope you all have a great xmas & new year :-)

Matts Reply: Hi there, for 2 twin homesteads delivered to 6714 via courier with insurance would be around $1600.00.Feel free to give me a call on 0350242200 to discuss your options.Thanks


Hi guys we just had our homestead swag arrive and it’s fantastic it’s set up in the lounge room for a test run before Xmas holidays..Once again thanks for
Supplying a great product Cheers and Merry Christmas..regards Chad Robbins Horsham Vic..

Matts Reply: That’s great to hear Chad,glad to have been an assistance.


Looking at the single dome swag…Are these swags made in Australia? How long is the warranty on them? Do people have trouble with no front door?

Matts Reply: Hi there, they swags are made in China. They come with a 2year warranty, no not at all having full entry from both sides is by far the most popular system in todays market.Thanks

Best price/postage

Very keen on ordering 2 single homestead swags for Christmas, would like to know the best price you could do a purchase of the 2 including postage to Karratha W.A and how soon you could get these on the way.
Dale Hamilton
Ph: 0409558006

Matts Reply: Hi Dale,our internet price is our best price. For two of those swags delivered to 6714 would be $1619.00 including insurance.Feel free to give me a call on 0350242200 if you have any other questions.

Homestead Single Swag

what is the height inside the swag. Is it possible to sit up inside the swag. What is the swag made of.
Where can I go to actually see one.
I live in Narre Warren VIC 3805?

Matts Reply: Hi there, the height inside the single homestead is 650mm. Depending on your height some people can sit up in them yes. The swag is made out of 130z canvas.See the following link and scroll to the bottom of the page there you will see the dealer closest to you.Thanks    

Homestead Swag – Twin

Is there somewhere in Adelaide I can view the Homestead Swag – Twin. Looks like a great product from the pictures. Cheers, Steve

Matts Reply: Hi Steve,no we don’t yet sorry, we are currently on the search for a dealer in Adelaide. Our head office in Mildura would be the closest option.Thanks