If I purchase, say, 6 or 7 items including oztent, can you reduce the shipping costs ?
Clint’s Reply: Hi there. The shipping costs are not controlled or set by Kulkyne Kampers. They are the prices from Australia Post and freight companies. As such, we cannot reduce. Cheers.

Homestead Swag Single

How soon could you supply me a homestead single swag to 761 Palmerston Highway, Innisfail, 4860, Qld.
Clint’s Reply: Hi there. Our Homestead swags are not due in until November. We don’t have a definitive date yet, but once they are in, I would suggest that it would arrive to the customer between 5 and 10 working days. Regards.

Cargo Barrier

Will the cargo barrier for NT pajero also fit 2014 NW pajero?
Can it also be relocated behind the front seats ?
Clint’s Reply: Hi. It appears that the Cargo Barrier from the NT (07/09) is the generic through to the current model. I can’t confirm whether it be positioned behind the front seats. It would depend on manufacturers recommendations. Cheers.

mounting flexible panels

Hi Brett or whoever,
What’s the recommended way to fix these to the roof of my pop-top caravan?
Can they be velcroed or fixed with double sided tape or do they need a more substantial fixing?

Matts Reply: Hi Hans, They do need to be fixed down well incase any wind gets under them while driving. Normally people fix them down with straps,urathane, rivets/screws,silicon,eyelets etc…Thanks

Solar Power

Hi, can anyone give me a rough idea of what I would need? We are taking a 10-12mth bicycling and camping trip thru Aus, wanting to find solar option we can strap on top of trailer while we ride, as well as set up in camp. Power needs would be laptop, 3 smartphones, and two cameras. Also please tell me about all components of solar setup, ie the cables and connections etc?
Thank you so much!

Matts Reply: Hi there, your setup sounds like it will very unique. It may be a lot easier if you call us on 0350242200 and we can explain your options in detail. Thanks