Kulkyne Generator

when is stock of the KGis2000 generator due… is the date anticipated fairly accurate.?
I am looking at starting my travel 30th May. pick up generator from friends in Darwin a month later
I have a Sparrow by Air Command air codition unit in van… ran a friends Honda 2kva generator for 10 mins..and this worked well. Now I am told after a period of running their is a build up of some sort which cuts out the genny..unless I have a higher capacity..do you have any comments/experience with this issue??

ROBS REPLY: HI mate they are due to arrive middle of June and this was the last update I had. As for the cut out issue I have not hear of any issue like this.


order 253789

My order 253789 is marked as Ready For Dispatch for 11 days now. Can you give a shipping ETA please? Thanks.

ROBS REPLY: Hi mate there has been a technical problem in our system but I have looked into your order and it should arrive just after easter

Order 255998

My apologies, but I believe I missed the detail about direct deposit information and the confirmation email received does not have that detail so if you could please supply the bank details again for my order that would be appreciated. Thank you!


bsb 013725 acc 476312611



I’am towing a Kimberley Karavan with AGM batteries 315amp with a petrol landcruiser 100 series’.
Which Redarc should I buy?
Must the Redarc be placed in car or in off-road caravan?

ROBS REPLY: Hi mate the BCDC 1240 should do the job just fine

solar panel

What would the cost be to fit a 100 – 200 watt soar panel to the roof of the caravan with the control regulator ready to go

ROBS REPLY: Hi mate you would be looking at around the $500 mark for fitting of a complete solar unit

Easy table Oz Trail

I am wanting to purchase the Easy Table but when I go to calculate the purchase it does not let me got through with it. Also I would like to know if the table is in a bag. I live in Perth WA.
Thank you Lyn

ROBS REPLY: Hi freight charge will be $26 and insurance of $4.00 as for the carry bag it does not come with one sorry