awning and solar

Price please email me back the price of bsic solar, fitted and the price of an awning and track three quarter length lwb sprinter mo home. TIA

Matts Reply: Hi there, there are lots of options and we need a lot more information about your vehicle.Please ring us on 0350242200 for a accurate quote.

dual battery

Hi. heading into the simpson desert in my navara. last trip i took a generator. never again. what is the cost for a dual battery system installed. want to run fridge, lights, music and kettle. 2 outlets, 1 inside in back seat and 1 near rear bumper. thanks. evan.

Matts Reply: Hi Evan, there are lots of options when it comes to dual battery systems. It may be best if you ring me on 0350242200 to discuss all options and pricing, as a guide a basic DBS starts at about $850.00 installed.


@We are thinking of aquiring Solar panels (the fold out ones)we have one battery on the van, but want to do a bit more free or unpowered camping, what size would you recommend 80 w or 120w?
thanks. Dave

Matts Reply: Hi Dave, it ll depends on how many amps your electronic equipment draws. As general rule of thumb if you have a fridge with some basic lighting etc…the 120w kit is most suitable.The 80w only produces just over 4.5amps an hour which is fairly minimal.Thanks

Shower tent

We just bought double shower oztrail no booklet to put up have rough idea but would like one please

Matts Reply: Hi there,sorry about that it must of been forgotten in the oztrail factory here is the link to the instructions for you:

Seat covers

I just bought a new 2014 model holden colorado single cab it is a three seater the driver seat single and the other two together. Do you make a seat cover for these and if so wich ones do i buy.
Cheers Grant

Matts Reply: Hi Grant,please go to the following link which takes you through the vehicle selector for seat covers. The 3/4 bench option is in there for your Colorado with all pricing.Go to this link:

power level

Does the 80 watt solar king get anywhere near powering household items like a TV or Computer

Matts Reply: Hi there,solar panels don’t directly power items.Solar panels put power into a battery system which you then draw your electronic equipment off. A 80w solar kit will put in approx 4.7amps of power per hour which more than likely wont be enough to cover your household items battery draw.Thanks