Swag window

Hi There The picture isnt real clear so I just want to know on the end of the swag it looks like there is a cover that doesnt completely cover the mesh window, so is there a zippered flap inside to zip shut ?

Matts Reply: Hi there, yes they have a full canvas zip flap on the inside to seal the whole swag up. Thanks

Solar panels

Ive currently got a yamaha generator but am looking to buy some solar panels to replace it but not sure how big the solar panels will need to be. Currently im running a 70 litre fridge/freezer and few lights and a few other bits and pieces nothing to big. In the near future ill be looking to buy another fridge freezer so we can stay out longer. If you can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Thanks

Matts Reply: Hi there, alot of systems depend on what size your batterys are. For a example as a “general” rule: A standard size 40/50lt engel or waeco requires approx 90w of solar in good sun to keep a 100ah battery sustainable. If you drawing current for larger fridges with a single 120ah deep cycle battery I would suggest atleast 125w of solar. Keeping in mind what your drawing in power,battery bank size and what room you have to fit panels. If you need more assistance feel free to call 0350242200.Thanks


Will one Solar Panel of (say) 130 Watts be able to adequately charge 2 batteries, each of (say) 120 Amp hours? with some extra input on Cloudy days etc etc? I know that is very general. just use lights, TV and water pump for cooking shower etc.
If you could point me to good article expelling this? … Thanks … John Burton

Matts Reply: Hi John, it all depends on what items are drawing current from batteries and how much they draw. 130w of solar is a very good size to start with, if you are only using small units of draw off the batteries like stated it should be enough. Some pumps can draw a reasonable amount of power depending on there size. In all I think the 130w “should” be enough but I would buy a 20amp regulator so it leaves room to add more panels later down the track to the grid.If you need more information feel free to call me on 0350242200.Thanks

truma gas/electric caravan hot water system

I have a truma hot water system, there seems to be a problem with gas ignition, power is available right uo to the unit, but does not ignite. The model no is BN10/BN14 and suspect faulty computer board in unit, could you please advise cost of a replacement computer board.
Clint’s Reply: Hi Graham. I have checked and unfortunately, there are no spare parts for anything related to the computer board or the ignition system. Regards, Clint

Courier Service

HI there,
If I was to order the Kamprite Double Tent Cot, how quickly would a courier service get it to St Kilda?

Matts Reply: Hi Renee, normally we despatch the same or next day once a order is placed. From our warehouse to St.Kilda would be approx 2-3days via courier.Thanks


I think that the delivery charge is very high. Surely there is some discount for size of order
Clint’s Reply: The delivery charges are not set by us. Depending on what it is that you are ordering, something might be able to be arranged. Please feel free to give me a call and discuss. Cheers. Clint.

air cons

G”day Brett
Ive got a merc sprinter van just lookin at air cons (dometic) wonderin what size you might recomend …i just bought a gen set off you guys a 2 kva will that be enough to run the air con ??
Clint’s Reply: Hi Chris. A lot of variables here. First of all, I suggest viewing http://www.kulkyne.com/pdf/web-C_130104_AirCon8Pager_JCN.pdf¬†which has some of the dometic models listed and their dimensions and capabilities. Once you have an idea of what you are considering, please feel free to get back in touch with us. Cheers. Clint.