Turbo Lite Twin 300


I am interested in a Black Wolf Turbo Twin 300. But I wanted to get it with an additional side panel for the awning. Is this something that you stock? Thanks.
Clint’s Reply: Hi. The Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin (http://www.kulkyne.com/au/Turbo-Tent-300-Lite-Twin.html) I have in stock at the moment. I can order in the side panel (http://www.kulkyne.com/au/Turbo-Side-Panel.html) for you. Cheers. Clint.

2.4 x 2.4 oztrail gazebo storage bag

Hi, was wondering if you have the storage bag for a 2.4 x2.4 Oztrail Gazebo in stock?
My one has fallen apart after many years of use. If you do could you let me know the price and shipping, I live in Melbourne.
Clint’s Reply: Hi. There are two different sizes. The Compact and Compact Deluxe. If you call our store on 1300 164 990 I can help you out. Cheers. Clint.

Oztrail camper trailer 7 tent

My trailer height is 770mm if I use trailer wheel chocks when stationary it bumps it up to 870mm will this work?
Clint’s Reply: Hi. Depends on where you are measuring from. The wheel chocks may take it beyond the recommendation. 770mm is fine as the base to ground tolerances are 7500mm to 850mm. Cheers. Clint


hi was wondering do you just sell rear annex for roof top tents we have tent now looking at buying annex cheers
Clint’s Reply: Hi. What size do you need? Suggest calling our store on 1300 164 990 to discuss. Cheers. Clint.


hi there
could you please let me know that how many of normal lights does the EF1000is is generator can give power?? thanks a lot
Clint’s Reply: Hi. I depends on the wattage of each light. A 1 kVa generator generally provides average of 600W and a max of 1000W of power. Cheers. Clint

dometic rm2355

will this fit a wheel arch. the fridge that was removed had the space cut out behind for the wheel arch. thanks
Clint’s Reply: Hi. We need some more information here. I suggest calling our store on 1300 164 990 with the dimensions of the wheel arch etc. Cheers. Clint

the big boy swag

can you get poles separate as I bought one of the big boy swags off you last year for my son and he has lost the poles. .I will be buying a big boy swag for my other son this year for xmas.
Clint’s Reply: Hi there. We have both the centre poles and the end hoops for sale. Please feel free to call our store on 1300 164 990 and we can arrange this for you. Cheers.