Air tropic heater

Hi, I purchased a diesel heater off u some time ago. The issue is I have lost the cap off the fuel tank and cannot find a threaded cap to suit. Just wondering if I can purchase a cap from you without having to buy a complete fuel tank. Regards, Ian

Matts Reply: Hi there, the best solution would be to call Dometic direct to source one on: 03 9239 1032

hot plate

Want to buy one of these, but worried about the safety, seen as though the stoves are banned in NSW, they say not to cover the whole burner, obviously you sell them, but want some advise before purchasing.

Matts Reply:Hi there,no sorry they are banned Aus wide until a updated model is released.The photos are on the website but you cant purchase any sorry.

extra awning

Hi a couple of years ago I brought a Blackwolf Turbo lite FS 300 and it only has a tiny little awning. I wondered if I can buy a new fly with an awning like the turbo lite 300 on this page?
Clint’s Reply: Hi. These can be purchased online or by phoning our store on 1300 164 990. Cheers.


I was at a camping and caravan show last year and saw a gazebo which was made by Oz tent but now can’t find when I did a search of oz tent products do you have any brochures or info on this. Thanks Lynne

Matts Reply: Hi Lynne, see this link for all of Oztent’s products:  once you locate the product your after don’t hesitate to call us on 0350227722 for a price.Thanks

Spare parts

Homestead single swag
The aluminium dome support (green) that clips on front of swag has broken and i need a new one
Delivery 4350 Toowoomba

Matts Reply: Hi there,please call 0350227722 on Monday and ask for Becky in warranty to organise swag replacement poles.Thanks

Black duck seat covers

Is it possible to get seat covers for citroen belingo van driver and passenger front seats in grey canvas?
Thank you

Matts Reply: Hi there,no sorry Blackduck don’t make covers for that model sorry.You may need to visit an upholster or Auto parts store.

4 person rooftop tent

hi there, just wondering if the 4 person rooftop tent comes with an annexe? if not is one avail and at what price.
are they water proof as well?

Matts Reply: Hi there,yes the 4person RTT comes with the awning room.The Awning room is only water resistant not 100% proof.Thanks