Hi there,
If I place an order between Xmas and New Year, could the order be delivered before Jan 18 ?

Matts Reply: Hi there,it depends on what the item is and where your located but the chances are very high on that delivery date.Thanks


Does your xantrex battery moniter supplied with the NEW calibrated shunt that has just been released?.
And does the Enerdrive battery moniter using the same updated shunt?

Matts Reply: Hi there,I just spoke to Enerdrive and the Xantrex or Enerdrive units dont have a updated shunt?they arent aware of any new product in regards to the shunt.The Enerdrive monitor does have updated software installed which allows for calibration adjustment/reset. Thank you

Battery Chargers

What type of charger do I need for a 18AH deep cycle battery in my boat

Matts Reply: Hi there, any of the Ctek battery chargers can charge that battery. If your after a maintenance charger the 5,7,10 amp chargers are perfect. If you want to charge it faster the 15 or 25amp Ctek would be the choice.Thanks


I have an Avan 2002 which has been fitted with a B1900 Dometic A/C. Can one buy the external white cowling?

Matts Reply: Hi there,yes we can still get that part and they are $450.00+freight. Just call me on 0350242200 to order if needed.Thanks

LED 180W Light Bar KK6024-180

I am looking at purchasing this LED Light Bar and have two pre-drilled holes in my nudge bar with 550mm centres.
Are the multi position brackets able to be adjusted to fit this 550mm measurement or will I have to drill new holes ?
Thanks for your help

Matts Reply: Hi there, yes you can adjust the brackets to those centre points no worries at all. Thanks


Live on 5ac block, where shed is 50mts from house. Want generator for power outages, but also, rather than pay for underground cable, want generator to run welder on odd times I need to. Will the 2800i do the job.?


Matts Reply: Hi Peter,it all depends on what you want to run in an outage in your home and how powerful your welder is.Generally for a backup home system most customers either buy a 3kva or 6kva.I don’t think a 2800i would be sufficient but that all depends on your power draw.Thanks

Homestead single swag

What is the weight limit for the stretcher on the Homestead single swag? I’m a big bloke and I’d like something to get me off the ground but I don’t want something flimsy. Cheers.

Matts Reply: Hi there,our single homestead is rated to 150kg and the twin rated to 250kg.They are a very strong base with a top quality swag.Thanks