Would like to pick up a homestead double swag on the way through tommorrow ..any in stock..??
Clint’s Reply: Hi. We do have some in stock. We are open on Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Cheers.


Why can’t I submit my Oder! I’ve tried 3 times! Everything is correct
Clint’s Reply: Hi. Not sure why you are having trouble. Please feel free to call on 1300 164 990 and I can process your order over the phone. Cheers. Clint

solar setup

Could you please recommend a god reasonable solar set yup that would suit my needs. I just purchased a caravan/annex look(permanently fixed). I am hoping to put a permanent solar system on the van that would run a fridge,tv,aircon and LED lights for up to 4 days with no trouble. The van is located right by a lake and will Mainly only get used in the Summer so i have no doubt about getting good sun.
Cheers Steven’s
Clint’s Reply: Hi. In short, the solar can run most except the air conditioner. Assuming the rest are running on 12 volt, it is possible, depending on size of fridge etc. Best option is to call our store and we can discuss. Cheers. Clint.

roof top camper

Sir,Can you supply me with aroof top camper to suit my canopy which is 2010 H X 1.8 L X 1.5 W. These measurements are the canopy top and from the ground.

Matts Reply: Hi Peter, any of our rooftop tents will fit that size vehicle. You just need a roof rack or rails to fix it to and your set.The second option is a ute back camper as well depending what your after. Feel free to give me a call on 0350242200 if you have any other questions.Thanks

O grill

Is this capable of roasting a chicken with veges for 2? The larger Weber has a special grid on a tray for that purpose-how to do it in this compact unit? Any independent opinions on this unit? It looks good and will fit in my slide-on. Just like to be sure it will work.
Clint’s Reply: Hi. The O-Grill High Lid should be the perfect option to suit your purposes. Cheers. Clint


The new Yamaha motorcycle I have has a YTZ7S 12v, 6.0Ah battery that the owners manual says is a VRLA battery and needs a special (constant voltage) battery charger. Would a CTEK MXS5.0 be suitable if the motorcycle option was selected?
Clint’s Reply: Hi. This model should be just fine. Regards, Clint


Have you a outlet in Perth W.A.. I would like to pick up a 31lt primus fridge.
Clint’s Reply: Hi. We have a dealer in Bunbury (The Prospectors Pick). You may be able to try them. Failing that, we may be able to ship you one.┬áRegards, Clint


Hi, I have a Ctek MULTI XS 7000 12 V charger that is not working when switched on no lights come on and will not charge .
Can you repair it ? Regards Alex
Clint’s Reply: Hi Alex. Unfortunately, we don’t have the option of repairing these units. Regards, Clint


Hi, This morning I received the swag I ordered last Friday. So far I’m happy with it except for the very soft mattress. A heavy duty foam would’ve been a lot better. Cheers, Phil.
Clint’s Reply: Hi Phil. Thanks for your feedback. It is important to us to know what our customers think. As at this moment, Kulkyne Kampers are designing a pillow top mattress for our swags. No actual date on it yet, keep an eye on our website. Cheers. Clint