solar panel

I have fitted a CTEK charger D250s charger in my vehicle and I would now like to add a 120w solar panel, because the charger already has a regulator what panel would you recommend?

Becky’s Reply: Hi, although we do not have a 120W solar panel i would reccomend either the 110W or the 135W solar panel.  These do not come with a regulator.  Here is the link to the sizes available.


towing mirror replacement parts

I have 1 broken glass in a Milenco Grand Aero towing mirror. Can that be replaced? or can I buy just the one replacement mirror? Cheers

Becky’s Reply: Hi, You would be best to contact the supplier of these mirror, Dometic on 03 9239 1000.  They should have any spare parts you require for the unit.  Thanks.

Water and diesel fuel tanks

Is it okay if i can hold my cart open till the water tank have arrived or mast i pay for it and wait for both to besend
Thanks Karel

Becky’s Reply: Hi Karel, only when the order has been payed for will it be processed through our system.  The purchase order will then go to Dolium and will be sent straight out.  Thanks.

homestead twin

Can you please tell me the packed dimensions of the homestead twin swag as we are trying to work out where it will fit in our vehicle

Becky’s Reply: Hi, The stretcher packs to 117x24x15 cms and the swag when rolled up in its bag will be around 155x50x50 cms.  Thanks.

kipor 2kva

What is the difference between the kipor and your label . Do they both have the yamaha engine .Thanks Lyndon

Becky’s Reply: Hi Lyndon, No the Kipor does not have the yamaha engine it is a direct copy of the Honda.  The Kulkyne Generator is slightly quieter than the kipor.  All specs for each generator are outlined under the technical tab on our website.  Thanks.