Smoker (LPG)

Hi, did I see something the other day indicating you guys either stock or are going to source smoking cabinets. Thank you ..
Clint’s Reply: Hi. We don’t currently stock them, but if enough interest is generated, it is probably something we can look in to. Having said that, if you are interested, I am sure I can arrange one for you. Please feel free to give me a call on 1300 164 990 to discuss. Cheers. Clint

Camp chairs

Need two camp chairs that are comfy and strong but don’t want bulky as we are short on room

Matts Reply: Hi there, for the circumstances your in my pick would be the Rhino quick fold chair. They are very good quality,strong, resonable packed size and best of all the great price of only $48.44+freight.


COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME IF THAT HEXAGONAL GAZEBO THAT IS/Was just inside your front door is still available/able to be ordered in?
Clint’s Reply: Hi. That one was a demo model and it has been sold. I can still order one in for you. Please feel free to call on 1300 164 990 and I can arrange this for you. Cheers. Clint

12 v fridge150 lit.

looking fora 12v 240 v fridge only
Clint’s Reply: Hi there. The best I can find for you based on this information is this fridge We do have others that we can get that are three way fridges also. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 164 990 to discuss further. Cheers. Clint.

rv 3/4

is there anywhere I could possibly buy the internal frame parts individually as I have broken the plastic elbow that holds the upright member to the beam over the doorway
Clint’s Reply: Hi. We can get some parts for you. If you can get a photograph of the part and email it to us at with your details, we should be able to arrange something. Cheers. Clint.