956 – XL Clip-on towing mirror

The mirrors on my 80 Series Landcruiser are 8 ” wide x 7 1/4 ” high. Will the 956 fit? Also, what is the reach of the 956 past the fitted mirror?
Thank you,
Rod’s Reply: Hi Ray,

I have checked with the makers of the mirrors and they have the same info as we do on our website. The only info they have is that they are for a large mirrored cars.



Dual battery monitor

I currently have a dual battery system in my Hilux with the deep cycle. battery running all the accessories (fridge,pressure pump,some lights). I would like to fit a third deep cycle battery in the system so that I can go longer between charging. I have a portable solar panel at the moment. If this is possible to achieve what equipment do I need.

Lee’s Response

Yes it is possible but you will need some for of isolator between your second and third battery to prevent them levelling out. it will also depend on the battery type that you choose, if you have any further questions please feel free to call us on 1300164990




Kulkyne 2kva Gen

can 2 2kva gens be coupled together to operate as a 4kva genset ?
I would like to use the gens in a motor home to run a 2440kva ac unit 850kva mica wave unit & boil a jug., am I asking to much. thanks Doug

Becky’s Reply:- Hi Doug.  No the Kulkyne Generators cannot be linked together.  If you take a look on our website we have larger generators that may suit this purpose.  Thanks.


I received an email about your 20% off swags. I want to buy three swags for my boys eventually, but thought I would start with one. I am looking at the king single dome. Is the 20% of $239.20 price, making it $223.36. Otherwise if it 20% of $399 that comes out at $319.20. Could you please clear up the final cost for me that would be fantastic. Cheers, Kerry

Becky’s Reply:- Hi Kerry, The price with the 20% off for the King Single Dome swag is $279.20.  Thanks.


Looking at Turbo 300, Exo 300 or the Jet F25, how do they compare & which is the winner?
Clint’s Reply: Hi Mark. Difficult to compare the tents as they all have subtle differences and all have their own pros and cons. Ultimately, tents (like chairs) are a very personal item, in as much that what features one person may like, another may not consider it a feature at all. Regards, Clint


Hi, What are the measurements & weight of the single swag when packed up. Will you be at the Brisbane camping show, Cheers John.

Matts Reply:Hi John, the single swag is 850mm packed up with a approx diameter of 500mm. No sorry we wont be at that show,thanks.