biker swag

are there any biker swags in stock? seen pre order on site. would like to order 3, have a small trip with mates in 2.5 weeks.

Matst Reply: Hi there, no sorry those swags are pout of stock until November this year.You can still pre-order some for when they turn up.Thanks


Looking for a chair that is easy to get out of, has a high back and a side table. Also a small table to put between two camp beds in an annex.

Matts Reply: Hi there,a chair for your needs I would recommend a Rhino Directors chair.They are high quality and have all the features you listed. If your after a small compact table I would recommend the Bi-fold aluminium tables, they fold up very compact but are a good sturdy table.Thanks

Off set bracket

I have a 2013 jeep and trying to fit a warn 9500 Xp winch on to it but have to off set the winch can you get an after market bracket or do I have to make my own thanks.

Matts Reply: Hi there, no sorry warn don’t offer anything like that. You may need to see a metal fabricator or something similar. Maybe find a forum on the internet and see if any other Jeep owners have come across the same problem and how they solved it.Thanks

plasmatronic pl40 regulator

greetings i have a Plasmatronic PL20 solar regulator fitted to my van currently would it be correct to say & or hope that i could change over to a PLl40 with out changing the wiring setup with the exception of fuses ? the regulator will be looking after 500 watts

Matts Reply: Hi there,yes that will be fine. That regulator can handle that amount of watts without any trouble. And your exactly right just ensure your fuses or circuit breakers are the correct amperage for your system. Thanks

tent beds

do you have an off the ground double enclosed tent bed portable that will not sink into the sandy ground.

Matts Reply: Hi there,yes we sure do its called the “Homestead Swag”.Check them out at the following link:     Thanks

battery charger

I have Ford territory looking battery charger could you advise me thanks

Matts Reply: Hi there,it depends if you want a 12v or 240v charger?if you want a 240 v i would reccomend the CTEK charging series.If its a 12v charger your after a good starter is the BCDC 1220.If you need help selecting please ph us on 0350242200.Thanks

International delivery

Hi, I want to order sandgrabbas for my prado 120. Only thing I’m not living in Aussie but in Brunei. Are you guys do international delivery?



Matts Reply: Hi Guido,no we don’t international ship sorry.The only way is to get a friend to purchase them for you then send them to you. Thanks

pe courier seat cover

does the base have a cut out section in the middle.

Matts Reply: Hi there, if your referring to a fold down seat or something similar the answer would be yes.The covers are specifically made to suit the differences with all the models. if you confused about the selection process just ring the office on 0350242200 for assistance.Thanks


looking for awning end 2.3 meters for caravan. Please send prices.

Matts Reply: Hi there, we need more clarification as to what your after.Please visit our website or ph us on 0350242200 to find a product suitable for you.Thanks