Layby inquiry

Hello, I am needing to buy a tent for the Christmas holidays and would love a black wolf turbo 300 and a queen size double inflatable mattress and was wondering if you did layby thanks for your help
Clint’s Reply: Hi. We offer lay-by for in-store purchases only. Cheers.


How are you able to offer this generator at 25% less than both the comparable Honda and Yamaha models. Are you able to tell me how many are ‘out and about’ as I have not seen any in my travels.
Thanks, Tom
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Rod’s Reply: Hi Tom,

Here is a link to our website about our generators.




Can you please give me a shipping estimate for sending a Homestead Swag to 36701 in the United States?

I realize they are on back order but I need to know the shipping cost so I can decide if I want to pre-order.

Rod’s Reply: Hi there,

Currently we don’t ship internationally.




Fridges – Primus 65 Dual Zone

Hi there,

I am currently looking at purchasing a fridge/freezer for camping purposes.

Looking at forums I can see there are basically two camps – engel and waeco.

I actually like the Primus 65 Dual Zone (series II). I can’t seem to find a lot of info regarding it though ? Are they a popilar fridge ? Is there current draw more than the others? Are there a lot of returns with defects compared to the others ?

Thanks for your help,

Guy Bradney
Lee’s Reply:

Please see the attached link for the fridge,it does draw a little higher then the others but if it is current draw that does concern you then I would suggest the National Luna it has the lowest current draw of any fridge on the market and is tested at 42 Deg unlike engel and waeco. Also the Evakool has very good insulation and power draw as well and is Australian Made.





Gday we’re looking to buy the Kulkyne queen but the question i have is, does the mesh prohibit sand flys from getting in?
Clint’s Reply: Hi Robert. The mesh is sand fly and midgee proof. Cheers.

Milenco M2988

Is there enough purchase on the rim of my car’s external mirrors to support the wind gusts etc. of passing trucks etc.My vehicle is a Mazda CX -5 sports SUV 2013/14 diesel model.
Rod’s Reply: Hi there,

There should be enough room to hold the mirror on. We do offer a 30 money back guarantee.