Hi, I was thinking of getting a swag but can’t choose between the King single dome swag and the Homestead single I like the idea of being off the ground, How sturdy is the frame ? and if I don’t use the frame does the swag set up the same as the King single and does the home stead have a pvc base ?

Matts Reply: Hi there, they are really sturdy and secure on the base, the legs pivot to take up differences in ground height. Yes your exactly right it sets up the same as our normal range without the base. No the homestead dosent have a PVC base sorry.Thanks

big boy swag

I am shopping around for some swags would you be able to give me the best price for three big boy swags in blue including shipping i would expect to get a good price considering we are buying three.
Thanks callum

Matts Reply: Hi Callum, please ring our office for a specific quote as it depends where your located. Our big boy swags aren’t available until much later in the year. 0350242200


Trying to check out the Oztrail Lachlan swag do you stock it?

Matts Reply: Hi there,no we dont sorry only our own range.Check them out they are awesome quality and price.

Twin homestead swag

Hi can you tell me the head height for the double homestead. You queen swag has a height of 80 cm. Is the double homestead higher than that? I’m interested in being able to sit up in swag. Thank you

Matts Reply: Hi there, the homestead height is 700mm so a little bit less than the queen dome. Thanks

Ute back camper

Hi there would u have a ute back camper big enough for me and my partner I’m 6’5 weighing in at 130kg I’m hoping u have something wide enough enough for my partner and i

Matts Reply: Hi there,the only ute back campers we supply are on our website,they are the same size except they have a variation in height drop 1.7 & 2.0m. We do have customers of over 6ft in height that purchased them in the past it just depends on your comfort needs.Thanks

Black Duck Seat COvers

I have jusbought a 2014 Landcruiser 200 series GXL. Which seat covers do I oder for the front seat and how much are they? There are several to choose from under the front seat covers for 200 series.

Matts Reply: Hi there, the code for the covers you need is “LC29ABCDR” ¬†and they are $266.71+freight.Thanks

Caravan chargers

I have just had a charger, centurion3000 pack it in. which of your range of CTEK chargers would you recommend to suit a duel battery 100 amp hr system.. in my caravan.
David Johnston.

Matts Reply: Hi David, the only dual battery charger in Ctek range is the D250SDUAL. That also has a solar input. Thanks

Camper Trailer Tent

Two Questions.
Is it possible to fit a camper tent 7 to a 8X5 trailer by making a support frame?
Is the bed base level with the trailer top enabling storage underneath?

Matts Reply: Hi there,yes it sure is,we have a a few customers do that by mounting the tent to the back corner of the trailer and supporting the opposite up. Yes it does sit on top of the trailer and under the mattress has a access hatch to gain entry to the underneath.Thanks