Roof top tent

With the 2 Person – Roof Top Tent Combo 3 how long is the ladder, how is the tent awning adjusted ot the height of the 4WD, and is there an opening in the awning to access the back of the 4WD if the tent extends to rear of the vehicle. Cheers martin
Clint’s Reply: Hi The awning is 2 metres high, which accommodates most vehicles. The ladder is long enough to suit. There is an opening to allow rear access to vehicle. Cheers.

gasmate 4 burner low pressure stove

I live in Murgon QLD and was wondering if You have any outlets where I could buy one of these stoves. I am looking to buy one and you are the cheapest I have found. Could you please let me know as soon as possible as I need it for Xmas. Thanking you. Jan.
Clint’s Reply: Hi. We dont have any outlets as such. We have our one store, but if we have the item in stock or can obtain it from a supplier, you should be able to have it before Christmas. Cheers.

Homestead Swag – Twin

Is there somewhere in Adelaide I can view the Homestead Swag – Twin. Looks like a great product from the pictures. Cheers, Steve

Matts Reply: Hi Steve,no we don’t yet sorry, we are currently on the search for a dealer in Adelaide. Our head office in Mildura would be the closest option.Thanks

Cteck charger with 240 volt

I have a Cteck 25000 hooked up to two batteries in the van. If I plug the 240 Volt power intot he van do I have to change the settings on the Cteck charger? it is currently set on ” normal” with the battery at 80% charged. If I disconnect the battery will the van run on the 240 volt alone or does the batteries need to be hooked up ? I unhooked the batteries last night and found that we had almost no power ! what would the problem be?

Matts Reply: Hi there, it sounds like you may some guidance through your system. To help us fully understand your position and to be helpful the best way would be to give us a call on 0350242200 and we can go through it with you.Thanks


Is the big boy Kulkyne Kamper gig enough for 2 adults

Matts Reply: Hi there, we have had customers sleep two in them but it would be very tight with not much spare room.The queen dome is designed for two people.Thanks

instruction manual

am trying to put homestead single swag together and no instruction in the article not a happy camper

Matts Reply:Hi there, thats not good to hear at all. There is a video on youtube which is very helpful,we have just finished our instruction manual so just give us a call on 0350242200 and we can post some or e-mail you a set out.Thanks

Battery Charger

I require a battery charger to keep the battery for my caravan ( Contnuous Use Deep Cycle Battery ) charged when I’m not using the van. Can you recommend a suitable charger?

Matts Reply: Hi there, for a caravan battery that is sitting for prolonged times without use I recommend the Ctek MXS5.This is a 8 step smart charger that will keep your battery charged but will not cause damage or overheat the temperature.See it at this link: