DC to DC chargers

Have got one 120Ah AGM aux batt. Alternator is in XT Forester. Also have 120 W panel with own regulator. Main draw will be a 45L Technice fridge with Danfoss compressor. Am mounting the charger next to fridge. Will either of the 20A Ctek or Redarc versions do the the job? What are the +’s & -’s of each?

Lee’s Reply:

Either unit would do the Redarck BCDC units will boost your output and the units are fully waterproof, the ctek unit is water resistant and dust proof but will only output the amperage that you put into it so if your vehicle puts only 10amps into the CTEK it will only put out 10amps, if you put 10amps into the BCDC 1240 it will put out the 40 amps that the unit states.

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roof tent

Gday I am looking at 2 Person – Skyview Roof Top Tent on your website. Is it possible to get some more pics as its our first rooftop tent and from your website we cant really get a good idea of the product. Thanks

Becky’s Reply: Hi, Sorry we currently do not have one in stock to have access to take more pictures.  Sorry.  Thanks.


Hi i ordered a 240 watt folding solar panel that was on special some time ago, I would have expected to have recieved it by now, Can you look into it for me please

Becky’s Reply: Hi, If you could please give me a call on 1300 164 990.  I will need some details to find your order in the system.  Thanks.