Blue single swag

At 1.45 this morning I ordered a blue swag single with delivery by POST OFFICE address and put in my card details it went to a st George site? Can you check if this has been received or I have been scanned.
Your early reply would be appreciated
My mobile is 0418 936 798
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ROBS REPLY:Hi There I will have the accounts department call you first thin Monday


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Air bag suspension

Hi there,
I am looking at getting air bag suspension for my VE SS Z Ute. Have you got some to suit & how much are they , what are the specs & what is the Warranty.
Cheers Peter

Matts Reply: Hi Peter, no we don’t sorry.We only do off road suspension systems.Thanks

Inverter generators

I am looking to buy a generator of about 2.5 to 3 KVA. Am coming thru Red Cl[ff on Monday 28th on my way to Mildura and wondered if you had anything to show me.

Matts Reply: Hi there, we have the 2kva and 1kvas on display at the moment.In all three brands Yamaha,Kipor and Kulkyne.Thanks


hi are all your swags sandfly / mozzie proof or they just mozzie as i live in the tropics and mozzie just don’ t cut it up here

Matts Reply: Hi there,yes they re sand fly and mozzie resistant.The mesh is very very fine.Thanks


Hey guys,do you guys have a swag that is just as easy to roll out and sleep in .cheers

Matts Reply: Hi there, our normal Kulkyne swags are very easy to put up,in less than 5minutes generally. But if your looking for something more basic than that no we don’t sorry.

swag legs

In the other picture yu have an elevated swag on legs. Do yu have any of these. Or fo thry come with the swag. Cheers mick 0417261860

Matts Reply: Hi Mick,the swag on a base is called the Homestead,we are out of stock of the singles until September and the twins until November.Thanks

dual batteries

I have a 2012 bt50 and want to fit a dual battery system and also recharge a caravan battery while travelling. what do I need to buy so I don’t damage my vehicle’s alternator

Matts Reply: Hi there,your vehicle has variable output alternator so the redarc chargers have the models with IGN or LV to suit this problem. Thanks

lost crank handle

Just wondering if you could direct me to where I might find a replacement crank handle for a 1985 pop top camper trailer…
Proving harder than I thought!

Matts reply: Hi Jo, it depends on the manufacturer of the caravan. I would try the brand of caravan first if that dosent work maybe a metal fabricator can make you one to suit.